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Embroidery Digitizing @ Sole Digitizing

Low Flat Rates that include Unlimited Stitches - Fast Same Day turn-around

At Sole Digitizing, we specialize in offering our customers with quality embroidery digitizing at low flat digitizing rates while having a quick Same Day turn-around time. Also, to simplify the process of ordering embroidery digitizing, we charge a flat digitizing rate based on a design's dimensions, not the stitch count. This allows you to submit your order immediately for digitizing without worrying about the stitch count! As long as your design fits within the size range you ordered, there is no limit on the stitch count!

Most Embroidery Machine File Formats are Supported, including: .dst, .exp, .cnd, .dsb, .dsz, .tap, .jef, .pes, .hus, ect..

$15.00 flat digitizing rate for any design up to 5" x 5".inches.Includes Unlimited stitches, Fast Same Day turn around time, and Free editing!.

$35.00 flat digitizing rate for any large sized design up to 15 x15 inches.Includes Unlimited stitches, Fast Same Day turn around time, and Free editing!

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Sole Digitizing focuses on providing quality embroidery digitizing services.Our skills in digitizing prove we are a leading provider. One very unique feature of our service is that every order includes unlimited stitches and next day service. This feature allows for customer ordering to be placed instantly online, without requiring a custom estimate! Our flat rate pricing system makes our service stand out from other competitors. Our company is able to meet high demands and provide embroidery digitizing services to large, midsize, and small companies in the embroidery industry. Our large workforce includes highly skilled digitizers contracted at satellite locations in India and Pakistan. No job is too large or small for Sole Digitizing. We also provide an online portal and design management system for high volume customers.It is certainly not for nothing that our custom embroidery digitizing services are so sought after.

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